How does the PDF certificate look?

It looks good! Have a look.

Is my message visible to everyone?

Yes, Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger. If you do not want other people to see your message, please encrypt it.

How will I know that my message is really in Bitcoin blockchain?

We will provide you with a Blockchain.com URL where you can see your message and share it with the world.

Are the messages completely free?

No. But we are paying the transaction fee. We are doing it for fun, fame and the hope that someone will donate some money to keep this running and spread even more love.

Can I change my message?

No, blockchain is immutable, so there is no way to change it. But that is also a good thing! Your love note will be there as long as the blockchain exists.

How can I share it with my partner?

We are sure that you’re creative, but here is our suggestion: (take his/her hand) and say “My love, I have engraved a message for you into Bitcoin blockchain that is distributed over 10, 000 nodes all around the world as a symbol of commitment, strength and permanency of our relationship, what’s more, one day it might even be examined by a digital archaeologist. So we are part of history. Here’s the proof” (give her/him the printable certificate, proceed with a kiss).

What is blockchain?

Ehm… Welcome back from hibernation. But really, blockchain is a beautiful technology and you can learn more about here.

Will you do ICO?

Sorry, no, but there is a moon in the word honeymoon 😉

How permanent is it?

As long as Bitcoin (the biggest cryptocurrency) exists, your message will exist, too.

What happens after the first 1,000 messages are sent:

That is a good question, we are paying for the first batch. We are kindly accepting donations to cover other messages and our time for the further development of the project.